Arrival of the X-Oven at Killarney Park

To say that we’re buzzing with the arrival of our brand new X-OVEN to the Kitchen at the Killarney Park Hotel would be an understatement.IMG_3428 X-OVEN is the only charcoal oven that is out there with three removable grill drawers; the first, real alternative to all other ovens featuring only the front hatch; an exclusive innovation born from Italian skill. X-OVEN allows cooking different dishes at the same time at three different temperatures.

We are the show room Kitchen for X-OVEN Ireland – and we are certainly real excited about this! For our Kitchen, X-OVEN has been designed to cook on the grill easily and safely. And it is easy to light up, adjust, clean and install. There is only one oven used in Britain at the moment and we are the Irish pioneers of the X-Oven.

For you, the customer, it means a truly unique flavour, the flame aroma, authentic flavour of charcoal grill, cooked at the perfect temperature, sealed in juices – in a word, delicious!  The heat of the charcoal envelops and “seals” the food’s entire surface: the juices are retained within, enhancing the natural taste and flavour and preserving its natural softness – and cooks perfectly every time.



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