Fresh Fish – Delivered Daily to The Killarney Park Hotel

Who ensures that fish at the Killarney Park is the best? Spillane Seafoods are our local suppliers who are a vital cog in the Hotel food engine and play a vital role in ensuring quality and consistency. We get a fish delivery every day, twice a day if needed guaranteeing the freshest possible fish are served here in your favourite restaurant in Killarney  depending on what is available and at what time it arrives in Killarney.

Background on our Supplier, Spillane’s Seafood

Spillane Seafoods is a family run business situated in Killarney where, due to the plentiful lakes, salmon stocks are abundant.

The business started in 1973 by Michael and Finola Spillane and today, the business continues under the management of their son Paudie Spillane. Here’s a picture of Paudie during one of his daily visits to the Killarney Park Hotel. odran - paudie spillane

Spillane Seafoods supplies a variety of fresh, frozen and smoked fish to hotels and restaurants throughout Ireland. They have a thriving export trade in Smoked Salmon.

Generations of experience, expertise and commitment to quality go into every piece of salmon that Spillane Seafoods cures and smokes. It is all natural and preservative free.
Their Smoked Salmon sides are available fully trimmed, pre-sliced or whole.
They come vacuum packed, and presentation cartons are available.

Come on into the Garden Bar and Park Restaurant and experience our produce for yourself.

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