Locally Produced Food At The Killarney Park

This week in the Kitchen blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the beautifully crafted dishes freshly created with the help of local Kerry produce. Sous chef Neil and pastry chef Tracey have kindly shared with the Kitchen’s Blog some of their mouth watering creations.

Remember to book a reservation well in advance if you are thinking about sampling the amazing fare on offer in the Park Restaurant and Garden Bar. As the only town centre Five Star Hotel in Killarney, you are in for a culinary treat!


As part of our small tasting plates in the Garden Bar, Beale cheese is part of this above tasty platter.

Here’s some of our main dishes from the Garden Bar: Pork Belly, Ribs and Chicken. Mesmerizing food, with nothing but local produce at the heart of it.

BoUCLzPIIAAAZJr                            BoUCIJKIMAEkwQp



Have you got any room left for the delicious Dessert menu? Making room is advisable! In a word, divine.

Image    BoUDN-gIcAASu2NImage


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