Food, Glorious Food At The Killarney Park Hotel

At the Killarney Park Hotel, you are guaranteed a mouth watering and satisfying gastronomic experience – as you know, we’re really serious about food! In this latest installment of our Kitchen Blog, our experienced sous chef Neil Ferguson shares some of his new inspiring and delightful culinary delights – both starter and main courses to whet the appetite!

Here are just a few tasters of some of Neil’s latest foodie masterpieces!


A brand new á lá carte starter- country style terrine, featuring ginger fruit chutney, with a chive emulsion and toasted brioche.





Neil’s second new á la á carte starter features orange salmon, a cucumber salad, smoked salmon croquettes, and caper popcorn.


The first of Neil’s new main dishes (to the left) is a new dish featuring Skeaghanore duck, red cabbage, rhubarb, and star anise jus!


And last but not least, the above heavenly vegetarian dish is to die for! It is composed of sweet potato, coconut and chilli lasagne. Absolutely delicious!

After a busy day’s sightseeing around Killarney, why not make a date in the welcoming ambiance of our Park Restaurant when you book your luxury hotel in Killarney? Relax, unwind, reflect on a perfect day’s adventure and digest the wonderfully, carefully prepared food at your leisure.


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