Finest Irish products go a bit Asian

According to Irish mythology there was only one creature wiser than man. This was the fabled “Salmon of Knowledge” which had fed upon the acorns of the Tree of Knowledge. It was said that whoever tasted of the salmon would inherit its wisdom and foresight.


I’m not saying if you eat this local smoked salmon  from Spillane seafood that it will make you a genius

But it will make you happier. well it made me happier anyway hehe

Spillanes only use seasoned  Kerry oak.

It is this seasoned wood that gives Spillanes Smoked Salmon its unique flavour


Irish Smoked salmon  tastes so good on brown soda bread, in pasta sauce or in an omelet

but trying new ideas is what cooking is all about

This time with the help of a few spices and Fid Ros herbs smoked salmon relly shines


The legend of  Fionn says he burned his thumb on the salmon of knowledge and put it into his mouth to soothe the pain but in doing so  he gained all the knowledge in  the world bye tasting its flesh.

Why not start a new legend and dine at The Park Restaurant where dishes like this might tickle your fancy

smoked salmon and nori seaweed roulade

lemongrass aioli ginger and sesame seed tuile 

Remember it might make you smarter

One thought on “Finest Irish products go a bit Asian

  1. Greetings Chef,
    Chef Annmarie Chelius enjoying this tidbit of folklore….can’t wait to get there to taste it!

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