The first taste is with you eyes.

IMG_20121124_223359Bernard is new to the Killarney Park kitchen,
Bringing a few new ideas and learning more along the way.

“I believe that Irish people are one with the land”

A moderately moist climate gently washes over the idyllically green land,
which is dotted with lakes and encircled with mountains.
What better land to grow and rare some of the finest food to incorporate into tasty dishes.

IMG_20121124_222432Using St Tola Goats Cheese,Pat Clarkes  Watercress and  Fid Ros herbs all homegrown Irish ingredients this Parma ham,butternut squash and filo basket starter is  loving prepared to both taste and look the part.

Best thing about being a chef is we eat our mistakes and as you can see

a few baskets were broken IMG_20121124_181339

Wasnt me hehe

One thought on “The first taste is with you eyes.

  1. Great blog Bernard! If your food tastes as good as you write descriptively you have a very fine career ahead of you. Can’t wait to try this dish

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