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Killarney, May 15th, 2012 – The Killarney Park Hotel is proud to introduce Dexter Beef Burgers, natural, juicy and full of flavour, to their Garden Bar menu. The organic beef comes from the rare native breed of Dexter cattle which is raised exclusively on the pastures of the South West and is produced locally by the Dingle Dexter Beef Company.

A member of Good Food Ireland since 2010, the hotel’s philosophy is to produce food of the highest quality to their customers while promoting Irish suppliers and farmers. Head Chef, Odran Lucey, joined forces with local founders, Paddy Fenton and Dr Steve Collins when he introduced the Dexter Rib Eye Beef Steaks to The Park Restaurant Menu, now a firm favourite. Both Paddy and Steve are delighted that their Organic Burger will be added ‘The Killarney Park Hotel was the first hotel to promote and support our product and we are delighted with Odran’s commitment again this year. They clearly are an advocate of local artisan food’ said Paddy Fenton.

Odran serves the Dexter Beef Burgers with homemade ketchup, basil mayonnaise and a baby spinach salad in The Garden Bar. Odran went onto explain, ‘we are passionate in supporting Irish and locally sourced produce where possible. Having seen how Paddy farms and where the cattle graze and roam, we are confident in providing tasty succulent dishes which adds to the value and uniqueness of what our customers expect from The Killarney Park Hotel’. He later added that ‘Dexter Beef is unique, has rich marbling, matures slowly and has a wonderful mild gamey flavour’.

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